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If I could have any super power it would not be flying, super strength, or xray vision. It would not be the ability to run faster than a speeding bullet or invisibility (although sometimes I feel like I have this one down). No, I would have the super power of organization. I would not wait until March to start working on my taxes. My shoes would all be in one place. I would never wear unmatched socks again. That iPod I lost two years ago would be charging safely in its dock next to my filing cabinet full of cataloged receipts that were scanned the day before.

Tonight I finished scanning and importing all of my 2010 receipts. It seriously made me reconsider every buying anything again. I haven’t even started with the online purchases yet. Eeeeeks! As soon as I finished I started going through emails for receipts. Between my two email accounts I had around 2,000 emails that were new. New, as in 11 months ago. Mostly junk that I have no clue how it gets delivered. Sadly, most of it comes daily. If I was an Organization Hero I’d unsubscribe to these annoying emails, but when I tried one time I ended up having to go to 10 different web pages to get off the list. Needless to say, I did not have time for that. So, once a year I do a mass deleting. Hold your hats sweet little emails and pray that if you are important I see you before you plummet to your death in my virtual trash can.

I’m proud to say that tonight I have 0, yes count that, zero, new emails. I almost got a little crazy and categorized them, but then I saw that there were 2500 already read messages that need to be moved into their folders. Lets put that task off until after April when my taxes will be safely paid. My poor Google Reader account is reading 1000+ these days. I remember the days when it reach 0 before 4:oo PM and I was sad. I wish I had time to soak up knowledge these days. Instead I’m becoming a binge learner, compiling as much information whenever I get a few free minutes here and there.

Now, if only organizing my living/working space was as easy as it was to delete messages. Maybe I could use an organization coach… This problem isn’t anything new. In fact, I used to pay my best friend to organize my closet when she came over. She got to keep the money she found in my closet. Since I have a bad habit of leaving money in old purses and jackets I think she made out okay most days.

Here’s to hoping that I can gain a super power this weekend, and a life. You don’t even want to look at my hard drives.