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My quest to find Parisian Macaroons has finally come to an end. There are several bakeries in the DFW that make them, but I’ve been swamped with work and have not had a chance to check them out. I discovered in February that Central Market makes them, but every time I called they were not making them that day or the baker on the other end of the phone had never heard of a Parisian Macaroon. Finally, on Saturday they had them! Jess had to work on Saturday and when she came home she had a box of macaroons and whoopie pies! Apparently they make them every Saturday. Luckily our parents came into town and helped us eat them.

When I first discovered macaroons I knew that I would like them. I’m not a huge jelly/jam kind of girl, but I was almost certain that the beautiful colors that those little treats came in would outweigh that issue. I was right. I love them! The chocolate ones with ganache in the middle are the best. We attempted to make them when we couldn’t find any. It was a huge failure/disaster. From now on I will stick to letting the pros make them. Next on my macaroon to-do list is go to Paris and eat authentic macaroons from Laduree.

Oh, and the whoopie pies weren’t bad either! A bit messy but still delicious.

Did I make you the slightest bit hungry?